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networkandgetwork is committed to helping individuals and organizations to achieve their goals by embracing the art of strategic networking.

We offer a range of programs and services for individuals and organizations:
  • Workshops on strategic networkingThe popular “Strategic Networking for Job Success” ,“Strategic Networking Boot Camp”, and “Strategic Networking for Corporations”, authored and delivered by Natalia Filchakova.
  • Mentoring programs for individualsFast-track mentoring programs that assist professionals in advancing toward their career goals with the help of effective networking and relationship management.
  • Motivational speeches and facilitation of networking sessions.

networkandgetwork is a project by Natalia Filchakova–internationally active management consultant, entrepreneur and speaker–who has been specializing in the art of strategic networking to win business, create successful partnerships, and connect with outstanding people.

Natalia founded networkandgetwork to help talented individuals achieve their professional goals with effective networking and enlightened relationship management. She also partners with dynamic organizations to help them leverage their employee networks for high performance and growth.

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