What makes the Success Team Mentoring Program stand out? 

It includes the missing link between learning and doing, and so it ensures you’ll apply what you learnt in the introductory workshop(s), Strategic Networking for Job Success and Strategic Networking Boot Camp.

What do I get by participating in the Program? 

The Success Team Mentoring Program provides you with lots of value, including…

1.  A clear easy system to follow to get quick results with strategic networking

2.  Answers to your most burning questions in your specific situation

3.  A community to exchange and learn from (instead of doing it alone)

4.  Accountability and support to get your networking done

5. And even more.

What options are available? 

The Success Team Mentoring Program comes in two options, Silver and Gold. To learn more, click here.

What is the fastest way to start the Program?

Find two people who are keen to advance their networking and job search as much as you are. Register, and get mentoring support immediately. And if you don’t find two other people? See next question.

What if I don’t have two people to start the Program with me? 

Register anyway–I’ll help you find your team. If we can’t find a team for you, you’ll get 100% reimbursed.

How much does it cost? 

You get lots of value for a very affordable price. A time-limited offer is available for the attendees of my workshops who are unemployed. Check out the rates here.

Why do you do that? 

Because I am passionate about helping talented people succeed.