Next Steps

Great! You want to accelerate your job search and become more visible on the job market.

Can you answer these questions with “yes”?

  • Yes, I attended Natalia’s Strategic Networking session(s) before and want to get a special price on my Success Team Mentoring Program.
  • Yes, I am committed to my professional success and eager to get invited to more job interviews in shorter time.
  • Yes, I am ready to be a reliable and cooperative Team Member as I know that my Team’s success depends on my participation and contribution.
  • Sign me up!

So, what are the next steps? 

  1. Find two people who are keen to advance their networking and job search as much as you are. Not sure if you can find them? Don’t worry, just sign up and Natalia will connect you with two other team members.
  2. Contact me to check current promotions and to book a seat in the forthcoming programs.

Once your Success Team is formed and your payment is received, you will get a Team Starter Kit and your first Team call with your Mentor will be scheduled. Your Success Team Mentoring Program commences!