networkandgetwork offers a range of workshops for individuals and organizations.

For Individuals

Are you an individual who is looking to jumpstart his or her career?
Join my Strategic Networking for Job Success” workshop and learn:

  • How to increase your visibility on the job market and get hired faster
  • What is the number-one-challenge in successful networking and how to overcome it
  • How to build a sustainable support system to boost your networking and job search

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For Organizations

Is your organization looking to increase its organizational capacity for growth and collaboration, as well as to boost value in its members’ networks?
Book my session Strategic Networking for Corporations” and learn:

  • How to apply the principles and tactics of strategic networking to drive value for you and your organization 
  • How to turn the ambiguous task of networking into a well-implemented process that brings results
  • What does the ability to network effectively have to do with the employee performance and organizational growth

Do you want to discuss how this session can help drive collaboration and growth in your organization? Contact me for a 30 minute goal alignment meeting.

Praise for Strategic Networking with Natalia Filchakova:

“Networking is critical, and Natalia presented the best session I have heard on the topic.” Karen L. , ELT Instructor

“I am always on the lookout for dynamic people to speak to my students… I thought who better to invite to talk about Networking than you.”  Heather B., Instructor, George Brown College

“Amazing presentation… I will apply this to my real networking practice” Jim L., Senior Compensation Analyst, Mercer Consulting

“Natalia’s seminar was enlightening and enjoyable. I’m excited to put her strategies into practice!” Kristen Aspevig, PhD, Ryerson University

“After that day I started to move fast with my networking and now I have two advice meetings for this week. Thanks a lot I really found it very helpful.” Carlos R.

The Strategic Networking Workshop Series builds on Nataliaʼs extensive professional experience in management consulting, mentoring, customer relationship management and business development. In the past few years her own success in business networking led her to

  • Creating a new high-end consulting business with repeat customers
  • Landing interviews with Big-4 firms without sending a cover letter or posting any resume online
  • Building a successful track record of relationship management with a broad spectrum of professionals and profiles ranging from corporate managers to entrepreneurs, diplomats, scientists, and artists.
  • Delivering keynote speeches to audiences of over 50 people and moderating expert panels with high-ranking speakers.

Join Natalia’s workshops and invite her to speak at your event–and start discovering a network of opportunities for you, your business and career!